Elder Law - Len and Rosie

Kids of deceased wife are greedy ‘animals’

 Dear Len & Rosie, My wife passed away two years ago and I have been harassed by her family ever since. Everyone wanted everything... Continue

Ground up by a ‘trust mill’?

Dear Len & Rosie, I have been married for 25 years to a man who has two grown sons by a previous marriage. I have one grown daughter... Continue

What’s a Special Needs Trust?

Dear Len & Rosie, I am the trustee of my recently deceased mother’s trust, which includes a Special Needs Trust for my disabled... Continue

Too much at stake to leave to chance

Dear Len & Rosie, Two very dear friends of ours have lived together, unmarried, for over 20 years. He owns the house. Both were... Continue

A gift you can’t take back

Dear Len & Rosie, Years ago when our first grandchild was born, my husband and I bought a custodial account. As the years have... Continue

Make sure husband has place to live

Dear Len & Rosie, I am married to my second husband but our home is in my name alone. It was purchased and paid for by my first... Continue

Have both names on home title

Dear Len & Rosie, My husband and I would like to add my name to the title of our home, which we own free and clear. Presently... Continue

Daughter to dad: I’m keeping the house

Dear Len & Rosie, My father-in-law’s wife of 45 years passed away a few years ago. Years before that, the two of them added my... Continue

A plan for modest means

Dear Len & Rosie, My 85-year-old mother has an extremely modest estate consisting of approximately $10,000 in a money market account,... Continue

The state giveth, and taketh away

 Dear Len & Rosie, My mom died last year and she left me as the beneficiary of her trust. I transferred my name to her home after... Continue