Elder Law - Len and Rosie

When in doubt, consult Shakespeare

Dear Len & Rosie, I will be getting married in two weeks. We are both retired.  We had a prenuptial agreement drawn up which keeps... Continue

What’s mine, what’s Medi-Cal’s?

Dear Len & Rosie, My husband has Alzheimer’s and has been in a nursing home for three years. I qualified him for Medi-Cal shortly... Continue

It’s mom’s money not yours

Dear Len & Rosie, My mother has a revocable living trust. I am her sole successor trustee, and I’ll take over after she dies.... Continue

The ABCs of an A/B trust

Dear Len & Rosie, My father died ten years ago. My mother is still alive and she has an A/B trust. One of my brothers borrowed... Continue

Mobile home is mom’s major asset

 Dear Len & Rosie, Mom is 78. She has some money, a little over $100,000 in a certificate of deposit and her checking accounts.... Continue

Without a will, where do dad’s assets go?

Dear Len & Rosie, My father passed away in December without a will. He had been married to his second wife for almost seven years.... Continue

A gift, not an advance

 Dear Len & Rosie, My sister recently divorced. She was able to keep her home, but she had to pay her ex-husband $200,000 for... Continue

‘Poor man’s’ estate planning

 Dear Len & Rosie, My Mother is a 78 and is of meager means. She has no real property, but does have several thousand dollars... Continue

Adult children on parents’ checking account?

Dear Len & Rosie, My parents are in their 60s and had the idea of putting my sister or me on their checking accounts to be able... Continue

‘Dynasty trust’ can cause long-term problems

Dear Len & Rosie, My parents are in their 60’s and are thinking about making a revocable trust. They want to leave their house... Continue